Now's our chance to put bankers behind bars!

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Now's our chance to put bankers behind bars!

You may have heard about the LIBOR scandal -- yet another example of the big banks committing fraud and thinking they can get away with it -- but now someone's proposing to actually do something about it. Europe's top bank regulator, Michael Barnier, has proposed actually putting bankers in jail for it.

Normal people go to jail for just stealing money from one person -- but the banks have been ripping off millions of people with virtual impunity! Naturally, they want to keep it this way and are pulling out all the stops to kill this proposal in its infancy. But if we spread the word over the Internet, we can create a massive outcry that force the world to join in and make sure these bankers get the punishment they deserve. Sign now!

PETITION TO THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION: Reckless behavior by the big banks has ruined our economies and millions of lives. We need you to make sure tough sanctions, including criminal penalties, are in place for the banks that are guilty of financial crimes.