Florida In Jeopardy: Federal Judge Upholds Rick Scott Voter Purge!

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Florida In Jeopardy: Federal Judge Upholds Rick Scott Voter Purge!

U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle is refusing to stop Rick Scott's racist voter purge, giving Florida's governor a green light to keep robbing us of our votes!

The only voter fraud in Florida is voter suppression—and if we don't challenge Hinkle's decision, the same purges that won George Bush the presidency in 2000 will give Romney the White House in 2012!

If enough of us speak out, we can help bring the DOJ's case to the Supreme Court—and stop similar purges in states like Ohio and Texas! Please, sign our petition urging Attorney General Eric Holder to submit Judge Hinkle's decision to the Supreme Court justices for review, now!

ERIC HOLDER: Rick Scott's list of "ineligible" Floridians is riddled with inaccuracies—and of those targeted for a voter purge, an overwhelming majority are Democrats, independents and people of color! We urge you to push for our case to be heard by the Supreme Court now.