WHO and WAHO: Stop the spread of Ebola in West Africa!

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WHO and WAHO: Stop the spread of Ebola in West Africa!

The largest outbreak ever of hemorrhagic fever Ebola is spreading through West Africa, and it's spreading "totally out of control."

Victims across Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia are suffering eye and genital swelling, skin boils, and organ failure before literally bleeding out through every orifice. It's a horrific way to die — and at least 7000 people have already.

Doctors Without Borders is reaching its maximum capacity to help. We need the World Health Organization and West African Health Organization to provide on-the-ground support, set up quarantines, and push West African governments to make a real political commitment to this emergency situation.

Will you join us in calling on them to help now?

PETITION TO WHO AND WAHO: We call on you to work with Doctors Without Borders to contain the spread of Ebola in West Africa, treat its victims, and put pressure on local governments to take action.