Alberta Government: Don't Auction Off The Home Of An Endangered Species!

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Alberta Government: Don't Auction Off The Home Of An Endangered Species!

Collusion between government and big business apparently has no bounds.

Just this month a federal scientific panel declared mountain caribou as an endangered species - mostly caused by "industrial disturbance".

Shockingly, the Alberta government's response to this report is to increase the presence of industry in the caribou habitat by auctioning off 1,700 hectares of land where the caribou reside.

As if the rate of species extinction isn't alarming enough, politicians in Alberta are shamefully sacrificing the caribou in order to kowtow to the big energy companies.

Let's join the public outcry demanding that the Alberta government keep this land in public hands in order to save the caribou.

PETITION TO ALBERTA GOVERNMENT: Please do not auction off the land north of Grand Cache - the primary habitat for the endangered mountain caribou. Perpetuating species extinction is absolutely unacceptable as government policy.