FCC: This isn't the end of our fight for Net Neutrality!

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FCC: This isn't the end of our fight for Net Neutrality!

Moments ago, the Federal Communication Commission voted to push forward with Internet "fast and slow lanes," ending Net Neutrality and establishing paid priority online.

Hundreds of thousands of us worked with groups like Demand Progress, CREDO and Free Press, flooding the FCC with so many calls that they had to literally turn their phones off.

That still wasn't enough to stop Chairman Tom Wheeler from backing an Internet for the 1 percent — but our fight is far from over.

Before these disastrous rules go into effect, the FCC is calling on the public to weigh in on the changes, and the Democratic commissioners have already expressed skepticism over the changes, calling on the public to guide their next moves.

We need to make it crystal clear to all five FCC commissioners that the public demands Net Neutrality, no matter what Tom Wheeler is selling. We want broadband reclassified as a utility, and an open Internet available to all — we will join us in the final push today?

PETITION TO FCC COMMISSIONERS: The FCC must reclassify broadband as a utility, and stop companies profiting by giving the rich better Internet access and choking out competition. Fight for innovation and equality, backing Net Neutrality and rejecting the new "fast and slow lane" Internet rules now!