Patent Office Grants 'Photography Against White Background' Patent To Amazon

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Patent Office Grants 'Photography Against White Background' Patent To Amazon


Taking a photo against a white background? You may owe Amazon money.

That's right: the US Patent and Trademark Office just granted Amazon a patent for the totally unheard of process of photographing people against a white backdrop. And we thought copyright trolls couldn't get more brazen.

We don't know if Amazon is about to start sending demand letters to photo studies, or if it just wanted to be able to say that a photography 101 trick that been used for decades is something it thought up.

Either way, it's an abuse of copyright and a mockey of the patent system — and we're calling on the USPT Office to declare the reasoning for the patent invalid and get rid of this exercise in ego now!

PETITION TO US PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE: Take back Amazon's patent right to photography against a white backdrop, and stop handing out patents to corporate trolls!