Save Insects That Keep Us Alive: Tell EPA To Ban Clothianidin NOW!

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Save Insects That Keep Us Alive: Tell EPA To Ban Clothianidin NOW!

Colony Collapse Disorder is killing the bees that pollinate our crops, destroying our ecosystems and threatening mass starvation in the decades to come. Now we know why these bees are dying--and we have a way to stop it.

Clothianidin, a pesticide used by global pharma giants like Bayer, doesn't just kill off the insects that threaten our crops. It stays in the air for months, leaching into ground water and spreading throughout colonies to destroy whole hives with its deadly toxins.

Right now, the EPA is debating whether to keep Clothianidin a legal pesticide--and if enough of us speak out, we can save our environment from destruction.

Up to 50 to 90 percent of the bumblebee and honeybee population have already been wiped out. Tell the EPA to ban this deadly pesticide--before it's too late!

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY: Mass distribution of pesticides like Clothianidin are wiping out the bee population in America and Europe, destabilizing entire ecosystems with their toxic influence. We urge you to protect our food system by banning the use of the pesticide Clothianidin immediately.