Netflix Comes Out Swinging For Net Neutrality!

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Netflix Comes Out Swinging For Net Neutrality!

Netflix is threatening a corporate coup — in FAVOR of Net Neutrality!

In an open letter to investors, Netflix warned that if broadband providers started charging tolls for US Internet subscribers and slowing down video, it would encourage its 34 million American customers to join them in demanding an open Internet — and ditching ISPs who don't follow them.

This is an amazing first step, and an amazing ally to win in the war for a better Internet. But if we want to succeed, we need to make sure Netflix uses action, not just words.

Please, join us in thanking CEO Reed Hastings and CFO Davids Wells and encouraging them to take action, putting pressure on Internet Service Providers and call on the Federal Communications Commission to take back the Open Internet reins.

PETITION TO HASTINGS AND WELLS: Thank you for standing up for Net Neutrality and the right of everyone to have access to an Open Internet. Go one step further, directly reaching out to ISPs like Verizon and organizations like the FCC.