Support a public referendum on Michigan's "rape insurance" measure!

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47,799 signatures of 100,000

Support a public referendum on Michigan's "rape insurance" measure!

Republicans in our state want women to buy "rape insurance" in case they become pregnant after being sexually assaulted.

This law is extreme, ignorant, and horrifically misogynistic, forbidding insurance companies from covering abortions unless a woman buys additional preemptive coverage, even in cases of rape, incest, or when her life is in danger!

Women shouldn't have to "plan ahead" for sexual assault, or be punished for not "prepping" after being raped. The fact that it was only pushed through because of extremists in our state is even sadder — but it also gives us a way to push back.

If we can collect enough signatures for a public referendum on the "rape insurance" measure, we can put this awful legislation up for a statewide vote. But we only have 90 days to do it. Let's get those signatures and take Michigan back from the GOP!

I SUPPORT A PUBLIC REFERENDUM: I oppose the "rape insurance" law that denies women equal rights and invades their privacy. I urge Michigan officials to put the measure to a statewide vote.