Hatem Yavuz: Stop the mass butchering of baby seals!

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76,628 signatures of 100,000

Hatem Yavuz: Stop the mass butchering of baby seals!


86,000 baby seals are butchered each year in Namibia for fur company Hatem Yavuz.

Workers massacre the screaming Cape Fur pups with clubs and picks, slowly and brutally beating them to death. The Australian company's practices violate Namibia's Animal Protection Act and push the threatened species even closer to extinction. And the best way to stop it is to expose Hatem Yavuz's senseless cruelty to the world.

Ending this bloodbath won't hurt Namibia's economy. In fact, making the seals a tourist attraction would benefit the Namibian tourist economy 300 times more than Hatem Yavuz does.

But that will only happen if we expose this horror, and shame the company into ending the annual slaughter!

PETITION TO HATEM YAVUZ: Stop the mass butchering of Cape Fur baby seals in Namibia.