The TPP Revealed: This Treaty is nothing but SOPA in disguise.

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The TPP Revealed: This Treaty is nothing but SOPA in disguise.


WikiLeaks just published a secret chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership — revealing it's nothing but a world-wide SOPA in disguise.

At least we know why our governments worked so hard to keep TPP negotiations secret. As world leaders continue to profess support for Internet freedom and openness, they've secretly been pushing for draconian copyright provisions that put Hollywood and Big Pharma above our basic rights and freedoms!

But at least SOPA only affected the Internet. The TPP is bad for the economy, jobs, the environment, food, and even access to medicine. And as long as it's being debated behind closed doors, the only people who can counter industry lobbyists and government bureaucrats are people like us.

World leaders are meeting next week to finish negotiations on the TPP. Please, join us in demanding our governments oppose this global corporate takeover and refuse to sign it.

PETITION TO OUR WORLD LEADERS: The Trans-Pacific Partnership promotes extreme Internet censorship and undermines democracy and national sovereignty. Oppose the agreement and refuse to sign the TPP.