The Cost of Shark Fin Soup: Dolphins Chopped Up And Skinned Alive.

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The Cost of Shark Fin Soup: Dolphins Chopped Up And Skinned Alive.


Shark fin soup comes with a price. And we're not talking the thousands people pay to eat it — we're talking the mass killing of sharks, the disruption of our oceans' ecosystem, and the brutal slaughter of hundreds of thousands of dolphins used by fishermen as shark bait.

Every day, hundreds of dolphins in Peru are harpooned, chopped up, and skinned alive to be used to lure sharks to boats. And despite Peru's legislature outlawing dolphin killings in 1996, enforcement is so lax that up to 10,000 dolphins are still slaughtered every year — and that's not even counting the hundreds of thousands of sharks killed for no reason!

Fishermen eager to cash in on shark fin soup's popularity don't care about these amazing creatures or the havoc they're wreaking on an ecosystem without dolphins or sharks. But if we pressure the Peruvian government to crack down and enforce its dolphin hunting ban, we can save our oceans before it's too late!

PETITION TO PERUVIAN PRESIDENT AND LEGISLATURE: Stop the senseless slaughter of these intelligent animals. Enforce the ban on dolphin meat and prosecute fisherman who kill them illegally.