Don't let the Texas GOP strip women of their voting rights!

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Don't let the Texas GOP strip women of their voting rights!


The GOP has a plan to stop Wendy Davis: blatant voter suppression.

Women don't like having their bodies policed, and are supporting Davis like no Democrat has been backed before. But Republicans aren't fighting back on the issues — they've pushed through a Voter ID law that blocks the votes of countless Texas women.

Starting this November, Texans must show a photo ID with their up-to-date legal name instead of IDs like a birth certificate. That's not a problem for single or married men — but it leaves a third of Texas women scrambling in a state with just 81 DMVs in its 254 counties.

The only way the GOP can keep Texas is by rigging the game. Women have the power to turn this state blue for the first time in two decades, but we need to help secure their rights first. Please, join us in calling on the Texas legislature to get rid of this unconstitutional Voter ID law and stop trying to strip women of their votes.

PETITION TO TEXAS SEC. OF STATE AND LEGISLATURE: Texas must stop rigging the gubernatorial election by stripping women of their voting rights and get rid of its unconstitutional, anti-women Voter ID law now.