Tell European Union: Save the Arctic 30 From Russian Prisons!

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Tell European Union: Save the Arctic 30 From Russian Prisons!

All Ana Paula wanted to do was peacefully protest Russia's plans to being deepwater drilling in the Arctic.

But for the crime of hanging a banner on an oil rig, she and 29 crewmates on the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise are locked in solitary confinement in a Russian jail — and they're facing 15 years in prison for piracy.

We call on Russia's strongest trade and political partners in the EU to demand the release of the Arctic 30, keeping these trumped-up charges from subjecting them to over a decade in Russia's notorious prisons.

Free these brave men and women before they make it to the court system: write to the EU member states now!

PETITION TO EU LEADERS: The Arctic 30's only crime was standing up to the oil industry, not these trumped-up charges of piracy. Don't let them rot in prison for 15 years — demand Russia set these protesters free and send them home now!