Don't let Maryville, Missouri bury this horrific sexual assault!

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Don't let Maryville, Missouri bury this horrific sexual assault!


Daisy Coleman and her friend were both high school freshman when they were sexually assaulted at a senior's house party last year in Maryville, Missouri.

But like Steubenville before it, Maryville revolted against the case. Not only was the 14-year-old threatened, her mother fired, and their house burned down, but the charges were dropped without a word of explanation — even after one of the suspects confessed.

This stinks of corruption, victim-blaming, and the shameless coverup of a horrific assault. One of the attackers isn't just a celebrated athlete – he's the grandson of a prominent Missouri state senator, who also has ties to the Nodaway County prosecutor in charge of the case.

We demand an immediate investigation into local authorities' handling of the assault's aftermath, and that Daisy's case be reopened. Don't let Maryville get away with burying this crime: Write the Missouri Attorney General now!

PETITION TO ATTORNEY GENERAL CHRIS KOSTER: We demand you launch an investigation into Maryville authorities' handling of the Daisy Coleman case, and work with local officials to reopen the case immediately, either directly or by grand jury.