Rescind Pakistan's blasphemy law and save Asia Bibi!

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Rescind Pakistan's blasphemy law and save Asia Bibi!


In July 2009, Muslim extremists attacked mother-of-five Asia Bibi for openly practicing Christianity.

Beaten, sworn at and spat upon, she was then rescued from the mob by police — who promptly arrested her under 295c, the blasphemy law that warrants death by hanging.

Pakistan’s blasphemy law is so broad and vague that simply openly being a religion other than Islam is grounds for life imprisonment or death.

As Asia waits for trial, over 1,800 attacks and 700 deaths have been caused by this law and the vigilante justice it inspires — but without an international outcry, Islamic extremists will continue to intimidate the government into keeping it on the books.

Please, join us in calling on Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to pardon Asia and rescind 295c.

PETITION TO PRIME MINISTER SHARIF: Pardon Asia Bibi and rescind the blasphemy law that puts Pakistanis to death for believing in a religion other than Islam.