Girls like Sahar Gul need our help!

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Girls like Sahar Gul need our help!

Sold into marriage at age 12, Sahar Gul was chained in the basement, starved, burned and beaten by her in-laws, had her fingernails torn out when she refused to become a prostitute, and was finally admitted to a hospital so broken she was unable to walk.

Thanks to scanty laws against domestic abuse, her abusers are already out prison — and the Lower House of the Afghan Parliament just passed a bill banning attackers' family members from testifying to the abuse in court, preventing even more wives and children from getting justice.

We need to reach out to the Upper House to continue its pattern of defeating anti-women legislation, stopping the bill before it becomes law. But if we stay silent, this horrible amendment could slip through the system, denying even more girls like Sahar Gul a way out of their abuse. These girls need our help: Sign our petition to the Upper House now!

PETITION TO AFGHAN UPPER HOUSE: Banning attackers' family members from being witnesses will help abusers go free and send the message that torturing women and children is allowed by law. We urge you to vote "no" to this awful new bill today.