Judge: Rape is okay when the 13-year-old victim is "predatory"

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Judge: Rape is okay when the 13-year-old victim is "predatory"

A British judge just let a man guilty of rape and child pornography walk free.

Why? Because the 13-year-old he assaulted was "predatory" and "egging him on" ... and since she seems older than her age, it's almost like she raped him!

Suspending sentences for attackers that are older, stronger, and proven sexual predators because the victim "looked older" and "wanted it" are some of the oldest victim-blaming tactics in the book — and now it's helped at least one attacker escape justice.

We call on the Snaresbrook Crown Court to castigate Judge Nigel Peters for this legally and morally inexcusable decision, and to review whether he should continue to serve as a judge in the court. We're too late to help this girl — but if we don't speak out, Judge Peters will deprive even more young people of justice!

PETITION TO SNARESBROOK CROWN COURT: We call on you to condemn the recent decision by Judge Nigel Peters to suspend the sentence of a known child pornographer and sexual predator, and to review whether he should remain a part of the court.