Stop Assault On Religious Freedom: End "Atheist Ban" NOW!

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Stop Assault On Religious Freedom: End "Atheist Ban" NOW!

America was founded on the separation of church and state. So why do seven states in the Union still bar atheists from holding public office?

The state constitutions of Arkansas, Maryland, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas all have sections specifically put in place that condemn anyone who "denies the being of God" or rejects the idea of Heaven and Hell.

These laws not only keep atheists and agnostics from professing their beliefs--they also ban Unitarians, Buddhists and Hindus too, insisting they accept a Judeo-Christian version of the afterlife or be denied the right to serve their country!

In the year 2012, these bigoted and unconstitutional provisions have no place in our nation's laws. Bring this religious propaganda to light: Call on these seven states to amend their constitutions NOW!