Stop The Maldives From Flogging Rape Survivors!

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Stop The Maldives From Flogging Rape Survivors!


Her stepfather raped her for years and murdered her baby when she became pregnant. So the Maldives government stepped in with a punishment -- for the 15-year-old rape survivor.

That's right. The nation's courts decided that the victim is the one who'll be whipped 100 times in public, for the crime of "sex outside marriage." And only one thing will get President Mohammed Waheed Hassan to intervene. Us.

With human rights organizations around the world up in arms over this case, the president has caved to global pressure and saved this girl from brutality. But flogging still remains a punishment for women and children in Maldives -- including those who have been victims of rape and sexual abuse.

We have the power to hit the Maldives government where it hurts -- the tourism trade. If we raise our voices to Maldives' leader, we can show that this much international attention will cripple the island's reputation and gut the tourism trade unless these laws are changed. Will you join us in pushing for change today?

PETITION TO MOHAMMED WAHEED HASSAN: We thank you for saving a 15-year-old rape victim from public flogging -- but one rescue isn't enough. We call on your government to change the law so no sexual assault survivor will ever face brutal punishments for the crime committed against her. The world is watching -- do the right thing today!