Tell KFC: Stop Killing Tigers To Make Our Chicken!

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Tell KFC: Stop Killing Tigers To Make Our Chicken!

What goes into your bucket of KFC chicken?  

Millions of acres of rainforest—leaving Sumatran tigers now threatened with extinction. 

For every piece of chicken we eat, Kentucky Fried Chicken packages made by Asia Pulp & Paper, a company notorious for destroying the Indonesian rainforest. That forest is home to the few hundred tigers left in the wild—and if we don’t speak out, those tigers will be gone in a matter of decades.  

Two companies, Nestle and Mattel, have already agreed not to use APP for its paper. Make KFC the third: Tell President Roger Eaton to save the rainforest NOW!

ROGER EATON, KFC PRESIDENT: Destroying the Indonesian rainforest to make disposable food packaging isn't just irresponsible--it's appalling. We urge you not to threaten the Sumatran tigers with extinction by halting the use of Asia Pulp & Paper products now.