Tell UNC: Seeking justice for rape victims isn't "being disruptive"!

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Tell UNC: Seeking justice for rape victims isn't "being disruptive"!

According to the University of North Carolina, seeking justice for assault is "intimidating" your rapist, questioning school policies is "being disruptive" ... and doing both is enough to get you expelled.

That's the fate awaiting Landen Gambill, the college sophomore who faces a disciplinary hearing and possible expulsion for daring to speak out about being raped and joining others in pointing out just how much the administration put the blame on the victims.

Landen's rapist still attends UNC and remains publicly unidentified, yet the woman he attacked is being targeted by the very school supposed to protect her. 

UNC is far from the only college that perpetuates rape culture and hosts inefficient sexual assault policies. Help make it one less college to fail its students: Join Landen's fellow students in calling on the administration to drop the hearing against Gambill immediately!

 You should be using the Gambill case to re-examine your policies on sexual assault, not to target a rape survivor so you can cover up your own negligence. Stop efforts to discipline Landen Gambill for speaking out about her rape today!