Tell President Mukherjee: India's Women and Children Need Your Help!

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Tell President Mukherjee: India's Women and Children Need Your Help!

They were six, nine and twelve when they went missing on Feb. 14 in a small village in West India. One week later, they were found dumped down the village well after being raped and murdered -- and their case is far from the first.

Rape is the fastest-growing crime in India, up by 875% since records began 40 years ago. One in every three rape victims will be a child, and almost two in three will be young women like the 23-year-old gang-raped and murdered in Delhi this winter.

India’s government has already brought forward a new law with tougher sentences for sex crimes like rape, stalking and sex trafficking. But in a country where 92% of men in the capital know someone who's harassed or sexually assaulted a woman, harsher punishment are not enough.

We call on Indian President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to spearhead a public education campaign to battle the sexual violence epidemic by spreading the truth about sexual assault.

Tactics like these have already worked once.
In India, the Bell Bajao campaign dramatically increased awareness of laws on  and discussion of domestic violence. Help them work again: Write President Mukherjee and Prime Minister Singh today!

PETITION TO P. MUKHERJEE AND M. SINGH: As citizens of India and the world, we urge you to protect women and children, not just punish criminals. Please, begin a nationwide campaign to educate men and women on the reality of abuse and molestation and make clear that such crimes are never "okay."