Save The Kichwa From Extinction: Write President Delgado Now!

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Save The Kichwa From Extinction: Write President Delgado Now!

If we let Ecuadorean oil interests carve up the Amazon rainforest, it won't just threaten local animals with extinction -- it will deprive thousands of indigenous peoples from the home they've had for centuries.

With the backing of "green" President Rafael Correa Delgado, oil speculators are set to destroy up to 10 million acres of land that the Kichwa call home. The Kichwa have sworn to die protecting this land -- and if we don't speak out, then die they will.

As President Delgado fights for re-election, we can call the "green president" to task and demand he stop this heartless assault. Keep Big Oil from destroying the rainforest and robbing the Kichwa of their homes and livelihood -- write to President Delgado now!
PETITION TO RAFAEL CORREA DELGADO: We join the indigenous peoples of Ecuador in calling on you to stop encouraging oil exploitation in Sani Isla. Protect the Amazon and help local tribes survive -- return to your stance as Ecuador's "green" president now!