CISPA Defendor: Online Freedom Hurts My Feelings!

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CISPA Defendor: Online Freedom Hurts My Feelings!

Guys like Ken Wisnefski, the “Internet marketing” expert who tried to defend SOPA and CISPA in a Post op-ed this week, believe selling our right to privacy for a fake sense of security is a fair trade—even when none of the examples he gives in defense of these bills would be solved by making them law!  

Let’s be honest, Ken. SOPA and CISPA aren’t about stopping online “attacks,” fighting identity theft, or disgruntled customers from making mock sites about your company, a perfectly legal response to your bad service. SOPA and CISPA are about people who want to control what they don’t understand, stifling creativity, censoring information and obliterating the Fourth Amendment online.  

It’s time to thank Ken for strengthening our resolve to take down CISPA and all bills like it. Join us in responding to his op-ed, and let him know what the online community thinks of his "informed" opinion now!

KEN WISNEFSKI: Thank you for your op-ed on SOPA, PIPA and CISPA in the Washington Post. Your complete ignorance about these laws, your limited understanding of their reach, and your complete disregard for our civil liberties have strengthened our response to oppose these cyber security bills no matter what. Consider your mission accomplished: we will never stop exposing how the illusion of security allows the government to rob us of our rights again and again.