Tell the BLM: Save wild horses from the slaughter

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Tell the BLM: Save wild horses from the slaughter

Majestic herds of wild horses range the American West. And the federal Bureau of Land Management is charged with keeping them safe. So why is it selling the horses to a man who advocates horse slaughter?

The Bureau does have a problem: The horses have bred to the point where they are overcrowding the land allocated for their pastures. So it sells thousands of them off every year, to buyers who promise to find these beautiful creatures good homes -- and who promise not to slaughter them.

Tom Davis is the biggest of the BLM's buyers. He's so big that more than HALF of all the wild horses and burros they sell go to him. And ProPublica reports:

Davis is a longtime advocate of horse slaughter. By his own account, he has ducked Colorado law to move animals across state lines and will not say where they end up. He continues to buy wild horses for slaughter from Indian reservations, which are not protected by the same laws. And since 2010, he has been seeking investors for a slaughterhouse of his own.

"Hell, some of the finest meat you will ever eat is a fat yearling colt," he said. "What is wrong with taking all those BLM horses they got all fat and shiny and setting up a kill plant?"

What's more, Davis won't tell anyone where the wild horses he has bought from the BLM over the last few years are now. His response when asked to? “Ain’t no way in hell.”

Sign this urgent petition to the Bureau of Land Management now: "Stop selling wild horses to Tom Davis until you've investigated and are certain that he's not slaughtering them and is abiding by the contract provisions requiring him to keep them safe."