Tell Arkansas Assembly: Rapists Shouldn't Have "Visitation Rights"!

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Tell Arkansas Assembly: Rapists Shouldn't Have "Visitation Rights"!

When Shauna Prewitt was 21 years old, she was raped in her last year of law school. She learned that her rapist had gotten her pregnant.

Shauna decided to keep her baby, and fell in love with her newborn girl. Then she learned the chilling truth: that in the vast majority of the US, men who father through rape have visitation rights on their children – and in 31 states, these women’s attackers can even claim custody!

We’re gathering signatures to help stop this atrocity one state at a time, and we’re starting in Arkansas, one of the worst states in the nation when it comes to protecting victims of rape.

Women like Shauna are already victims of their attackers. We can stop them from becoming victims of the state, too. Tell the Arkansas General Assembly: Protect these women and their children now!

ARKANSAS ASSEMBLY: Each year, hundreds of women in your state are raped by men who then have the right to take custody of their children. Don’t force these women to become victims again: pass legislation barring women’s attackers from any claim on their children now.